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cherish and strive for high quality and sustainable living


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Japanese design stands for craftsmanship of the highest quality and beauty.

We offer original and unique products by Japanese designers rarely seen in Sweden.

Once you fall in love you can’t resist it.


Give your child the best possible start in life.

Every product that your child gets in contact with should be of high quality
and appealing to the senses, be non-toxic and sustainable.

Enjoy and feel safe.


Once you have tried high quality yarn
 you don’t want to use anything else.

We offer a variety of materials and
 colors from sustainable production for enjoyable knitting experiences.

Alt 3 NEW 01-05-2017 web medel
Alt 3 NEW 01-05-2017 web medel

Bring out the uniqueness in you.

We offer high quality design products in limited editions for your illimited satisfaction.


 e-resisitible is an e-commerce business that buys and sells high quality products for sustainable living. We buy from designers and producers that are known for their high quality products. The end user should be able to experience, with all senses, that the products will give pleasure for a long time. We promote a lustrous life.

The founders of e-resisitble have 20 years of experience from e-commerce business in Sweden. We aim at being at the leading edge of modern customer experiences both online and through the products and services that we offer.

We strictly follow all laws and regulations for safe e-commerce in Sweden and the EU. We also strictly follow the EU regulations of the REACH agreement. In line with this we require certificates from producers that fulfill the REACH criteria or in other ways can certify that all products are clean and safe for both the producers, the sellers, the users and the environment.

As a sustainable business we want to be an active part of making our planet a better place to live in for the new generations. We buy and sell products that are non-toxic and lead to low carbon emissions on all levels of production. We also give five percent of our annual profit to charity organizations.


Contact e-resistible directly by using the following methods:

Phone: +46 721 512 888.

E-mail: info@e-resistible.se.

Address: Gärdesgårdsvägen 9, 51931 Horred, Sweden.

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